Social Palava

Case Study : Car Company in Jos

PLATFORM: Facebook

CLIENT TYPE: Car Company in Jos

ISSUE: If a client inquires that they want us to increase their client network in Jos


With our carefully prepared group of social media nerds, we will embrace our Social media tools to handle this issue. Understanding and recognizing that Facebook is one of the top and most famous social media stage with more than 3 billion clients around the world.

The initial step that we’ll take for the Car business is to make a special account for the company in Jos, and afterward a “Business Page” that speaks well to the North Nigeria (We as well make use of their language Hausa). A Facebook page is an extraordinary promoting device for new and Existing organizations, since it permits them to make and express their remarkable personality by posting their item contributions or administrations, through sharing posts, joins, pictures and videos. This will give a superior feeling of business character.

On the Car Company Facebook page, we will improve their About, we would get them nice graphical logo, we would do a little language pitch so the audience can interact better. This is on the grounds that, how a company pitch herself will determine it engagement and productivity because the About us is one of the main spots individuals will look at when they show up on the Page.

Furthermore, we will Analyze active rivals, (we also would take note of other cars used and the reason why they prefer that car) in the Car Industry in Jos. Some of the other analysis includes careful exploration of their Facebook pages, post recurrence, nature of posts and their client commitment rate. Afterward, we ought to think of much better customs/systems to beat their performance.

Taking into account the idea of this business, our objective market will be generally the youth, working class, Government, Private Industries. etc. In this manner, we will use Facebook Ads to advance explicit posts for the business. Such posts will incorporate a title, a picture, and a navigate connection to their business’ site. We will depend significantly on Facebook Ads for expanding preferences or driving site clicks – when a client enjoys the page, they basically become supporters of the business page, and our client’s posts will show up on the clients’ news source, and also create a Facebook group for client’s close interaction.


Other strategies that we will use to cause to notice our channel will be:

“Give Away”, “Trends”, Online Events, “Video Trends” Scheduled Contests, Quizzes or Puzzles with Prizes for Winners – Nigerians are normally attracted to Give away, trends, tests and prizes. We will have booked day(s) in the week where we have these challenge for supporters. The challenge, quiz, trends, live events would generally be connected with the business, industry, the nation or simply current undertakings. This would clearly expand perspectives, preferences and devotees on the Facebook page.

Facebook Stories – Facebook Stories are photograph or brief video posts in portraits configuration that vanish following 24 hours. Photographs show up for five seconds, and videos can be as long as 20 seconds in length. We would use Facebook stories to give customers daily contents with dynamin creation within the scope of the company and from result driven from Analysis.

Facebook Live Video – Facebook Live video is a streaming Platform for the business is also a very great tool, client can – Go live by themselves or with others. Clients can stream live video of a particular car Test Drive, Race, Drift. They can also invite customers to their live videos – Go live now or automatically within 24 hours. Clients can create a schedule for their live video within 24 hours – Add interactivity tools to keep your audience engaged.