Social Palava

Case Study : Pharmacy outlet/store

PLATFORM: Instagram

CLIENT TYPE: Pharmacy outlet/store based in Lagos, Nigeria.

ISSUE: Client want us to increase their social media presence online via Instagram


The step by step case study to increase their Instagram online presence is explained as follows.

Our social media experts will create an Instagram account page for the client and will include features about the services and products provided. We will set up a business account name for the pharmacy on Instagram which must contain essential information about the pharmacy. A well stated information about the location, email address, phone number to contact, including hotlines to reach them.

Secondly, our company will leverage our social influencing strategies to advertise our clients Instagram page to reach a wider audience.

Thirdly, with our knowledge of expertise, we will run analytics and promotional ads for our clients’ handles to enable them reach audience within a required segment or target.

With our professional expertise, we will make use of hash tags to reach a wider audience on the Instagram handle to reach a wider range of audience, increases online presence and sales.